Privacy Policy

We always keep privacy of our clients at the top priority. In our privacy policy, we explain the type of personal details we collect and the way, in which we use them. Our shortlink website collects the respective information to provide and analyze outstanding experiences with our shortlink generator services.

Cookies and Advertisement Networks

Our shortlink website uses third-party type of advertisement companies for serving ads while anyone visit our website. Such companies may use technologies including cookies to accumulate information from you to display their ads related to your interested products and services. Here, cookies refer to a few of the small text files present on your PC or mobile device.

Our URL shortlink website may highlight various advertisements powered by Google ad network, which also use cookies for identifying the preferences as well as browsing habits of users. On the other side, as users, you may get details related to cookies and privacy aspects on the Google website.

Web browsers in default settings accept cookies. However, depending on your preference, you may modify the browser configuration for refusing cookies.

Personal Details and Technologies

We use certain tools for collecting the data of our users. These include the web browser, IP address and operating system. The main objective to do so is to identify the exact number of online visitors and the way they use the website.